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Understand Your Audience, Optimize Your Content

Our Mission

Today's marketing technologies are moving at lightning speed. The ability to understand ever-changing algorithms is becoming increasingly hard for the vast majority of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. We believe that businesses should be able to launch effective ad campaigns, and technology advantages should be democratized throughout businesses across the spectrum. That's why we've created a tool that anyone can use to drive meaningful insights from their ad creatives, and support the creation of amazing ads, through the use of AI.

Our Purpose

Audiemize is an AI-powered platform that enables marketers to optimize their content for audience impact before launching ad campaigns. Audiemize combines the power of content marketing with advertising - enabling marketers to leverage existing knowledge to shorten testing cycles and optimize performance across channels. Grow your audience and reduce costs through better content.

A leader in personalized content, Audiemize is here to maximize your advertising performance. Through a combination of AI, machine learning and human curation, we help you understand how your content will perform before you launch ad campaigns.

Our Story

Audiemize was founded in 2016 as a full-service agency dedicated to helping clients manage and optimize their advertising efforts. But we quickly noticed a dramatic shift in the way consumers perceive ad creatives, and the speed at which technology changes from year to year.

As alumni of some of the largest consulting and advertising organizations in the world, we knew that applying AI and neural networks to the creative process was the answer to keeping up with today's rapidly-changing advertising algorithms. And after failing to find a quick and easy way to use the power of technology to serve our clients, we decided to transform our agency into a movement dedicated to helping marketers take their ads to the next level.


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