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Press Release: Media Technology Company Audiemize Announces Partnership with Neurokey to Study Consumer Behavior in Post-Pandemic Times.

Audiemize, a research-focused media technology company & Neurokey, a neuroscience based market research company, completed a study on neurological responses from Spanish-speaking audiences and their perception towards receiving COVID-19 vaccinations in 2022. The immunization rates in the studied population were low despite reporting trust in the vaccine and understanding it was free of cost. Vaccine hesitancy continues to be high in post-pandemic times, despite increased efforts from public health organizations through comprehensive marketing campaigns.


By applying neuroscience research techniques the study revealed influential factors behind vaccine hesitancy were not only fear of side effects or a lack of understanding about the safety of the vaccines. Rather, the specific communication in COVID-19 vaccination ads did not take into consideration prior media exposure on an already overstimulated audience, and the political associations that the virus carried with it. The researchers set out on a mission to spread these findings to empower public health organizations when deciding about their marketing campaigns, and allow multidisciplinary marketing teams to find better solutions for communicating sensitive topics. To do so, they partnered together and found different elements  of advertisement that have higher levels of positive responses such as using reputable personnel on advertisements, keywords with prior positive associations, and leading the audience to feel reflected in optimistic scenarios.


The research findings have implications for Marketing professionals looking to improve their content strategies. It paints a picture of how external factors affect consumer perceptions in ways that communication experts may have not considered prior to pandemic times.


About Audiemize

Audiemize is an international media technology company helping clients further understand their audience, launch new products, and drive high marketing ROI. As a research-focused company, Audiemize helps organizations strategize, execute, and optimize marketing efforts through the combination of artificial intelligence and scientific paradigms. 

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About Neurokey 

Neurokey is a market research company that uses neuroscience to look at new ways to understand consumer thinking. With emerging markets developing rapidly, it is more important than ever to use all the tools at their disposal. This includes qualitative research, quantitative research, and neuromarketing. 

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